Are you interested in offering Switch training inside your organization? If so, please read on. (On the other hand, if you are simply looking to enroll in Switch training yourself—to sharpen your own thinking and skills—then click here.)

This summer, we will hold a Train the Trainer (TTT) program for people who want to become Certified Switch Trainers. These trainers will:

  • Enjoy the exclusive right to teach the Switch course as designed by the Heath brothers. Our TTT program is the only means to be certified as a Switch trainer.
  • Benefit from personal coaching from Dan Heath, as well as existing Switch trainers
  • Receive access to materials—such as videos of the Heath brothers, PowerPoint presentations, and facilitator guides—that are not publicly available.

This TTT program is designed for an intimate group; we will admit no more than 10 organizations. Each of those 10 organizations can invite a maximum of 3 trainers to join the TTT.

TTT Program Flow

The TTT program will be structured in six phases: Role preparation; Audience; Backstage; Rehearsal; Performance; and Award and Adaptation.

  1. Role preparation. Before the TTT session, trainers will be expected to read Switch twice and to complete a set of rigorous homework assignments to ensure their familiarity with the core Switch framework. They should arrive at the TTT with a comprehensive understanding of the material.
  2. Audience. On Day 1 of the TTT, trainers will participate—alongside members of the general public—in a Switch workshop led by Dan Heath. It’s critical that they experience the flow of the workshop from the perspective of a student.
  3. Backstage. On Day 1 and 2 of the TTT, Heath will take the trainers “backstage” and explain how to facilitate the workshop: why the day is structured as it is, what the goals for each activity are, how to respond to common participant questions, and so on. Trainers will be introduced to a comprehensive set of materials that will arm them for success: presentations with suggested talking points, detailed facilitation notes on each exercise, suggested timelines, and suggested additions or deletions from the core agenda to tailor the material to your audience.
  4. Rehearsal. Once familiarized with the flow of the workshop, trainers will be broken into teams and asked to deliver a “dress rehearsal” of the full workshop to each other. The dress rehearsal will be observed by Heath and other Certified Switch Trainers, who will offer feedback and coaching on both content and delivery.
  5. Performance. On Day 3 of the TTT—the culmination of the session—the trainers will lead a Switch workshop for an audience from the general public. They will be expected to deliver an excellent experience for the attendees. This is the final step in certification.
  6. Award and Adaptation. Assuming a successful delivery of the workshop, the trainers will be awarded official certification as a Switch trainer. Heath will offer advice about tailoring the standard Switch workshop to the needs of the 10 specific organizations in attendance.


There are two types of fees involved with the TTT: a certification fee for the trainers, and an ongoing license fee that is required for every participant in Switch training:

Certification fee: The cost to become a Certified Switch Trainer is $4,500 per trainer. Each organization may bring up to 3 trainers. The certification fee includes all relevant materials, as well as meals (continental breakfasts, lunches and one group dinner). It does not include travel expenses such as airfare, lodging, or ground transportation.

License fee: After the TTT, the Certified Switch Trainers will be ready to lead Switch workshops in their home organizations. For each participant in the Switch workshops, the organization will be responsible for a $125 license fee. This fee covers the IP license for the Switch framework, as well as a workshop “kit” for each participant, which includes a hardcover of Switch, a full-color workbook, and a laminated Switch framework summary. Please note that each organization will be required to pre-purchase 100 licenses as part of the registration for the TTT program; this is our way of ensuring that the organization is serious about a rollout of the training.

There are no discounts for certification fees. Nonprofits, government groups, and educational institutions are eligible for a 20% discount on the license fees (i.e., they will pay a per-license fee of $100).


If you would like to enroll in the Switch TTT program, fill out a short questionnaire and someone from our team will follow up with you. We will select the 10 organizations who we feel have the best chance of succeeding with the Switch training.

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To see a list of commonly asked questions about the TTT program, click here.

Payment Terms

The certification fees and minimum license fees will be due, in full, no later than May 31. Your organization’s slot in the program is not guaranteed until we have received full payment. (As an example: If your organization wanted to certify 2 trainers, the upfront fee would be: 2 trainers x $4,500 each, plus 100 licenses (minimum) x $125 each = $9,000 + $12,500 = $21,500.


You can cancel your participation for a full refund until Tuesday, June 9 (six weeks prior to the program). From June 10 to July 6, cancellations will receive a 50% refund (of both certification fees and license fees). From July 7 until the event, no refunds will be given. Note that you can substitute one trainer for another, at no cost, until July 6. (We cannot allow last-minute swaps because there will be no time to process homework, etc.)


For questions not addressed above, email brothers@heathbrothers.com.


Instructors: Dan Heath + Switch certified trainersDan_speaking
City: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Date: Tuesday, July 21 through Thursday, July 23
Times: Tuesday: 8am – evening;
Wednesday: 8am – evening;
Thursday: 8am – 4pm
UNC Friday Center
100 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Airport: You should plan to fly into RDU.

Parking: Onsite parking is plentiful and free.

Lodging: Participants are responsible for their own lodging. There are many hotels within an easy drive of the Friday Center. We recommend renting a car for the duration of your trip.

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