Speaking / Training

Speaking Engagements

We both give speeches frequently to associations, businesses, and nonprofits. Between the two of us, we have spoken to U.S. senators, Navy admirals, superintendents and principals, health care leaders, science journalists, police chiefs, NFL players, social sector superstars, religious leaders, mayors, and countless Fortune 500 teams. We have given presentations in at least two dozen countries on six continents—still waiting on an invitation from Antarctica—as well as a near-empty bookstore in Winnetka, Illinois.


Workshops & Training

Because we write “how to” books—explicitly written to be practical—we pride ourselves on our workshops, which bring the books’ concepts to life. Here are our recommendations for each subject area:

Made to Stick training (learning to make communication stickier):
Best for marketing and sales executives, social sector leaders, entrepreneurs, and business executives concerned with culture change or strategic shifts. Typical format: Half- to full-day workshops with 10-30 people, which include brainstorming sessions on your specific communications challenges. Another easy solution for training is the open-enrollment course that we designed together with our partner, Decker Communications. We wanted to work with Decker because of their long history of teaching effective communication skills. See when the course will next be offered.

Switch training (learning to lead successful change):
Best for executives and managers, health care and education leaders, and social sector change agents. Typical format: 3-6-hour workshops which include brainstorming sessions on your specific change challenges. For a less expensive solution, consider booking one of our Switch certified trainers—people who we’ve trained personally to facilitate training workshops, using materials that we developed. To inquire about booking one of our certified trainers, send us a note via the button below.

(Note: We are not certifying any new trainers at present, but if that changes, we will announce it via our newsletter — sign up here.)

Decisive training (improving decision-making skills):
Best for middle- to senior-level managers, functional heads, as well as top organizational leaders in any sector—business, education, health care—who are interested in decision-making as an organizational competency (that is, how to make your organization systematically better at making decisions). Typical format: 4- to 8-hour workshops, which include brainstorming sessions on particular kinds of recurring decisions that your teams face.

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