Do some good & get a free copy of Switch!

If you love Teach For America then you’ll love this offer: Donate $20 to TFA and we’ll ship you a free copy of Switch. The free book is our way of thanking you for supporting an organization that has spurred so much positive change in the school system. (BTW, the money goes directly to TFA and you will be able to claim the charitable tax deduction for whatever you donate.)

Only two disclaimers: 1. We can’t ship outside the U.S. (Sorry about that. We’re funding this out of pocket and it just gets too expensive.)  2. You know the old song — “supplies are limited, so act fast.” (But rest assured that if we run out of free books we’ll warn you on the donation page.)

Give TFA a boost today! [Promotion ends at 5pm Eastern on Tuesday 3/16] [UPDATE: This promotion has now closed. Thanks to you, we raised $8,080 for TFA!]

Free Switch resources

We’ve posted a whole slew of free resources related to Switch, including these:

– A podcast series (episodes for social entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, etc.)

– A book-club guide

– A guide for applying the principles of Switch to organizational challenges

To get them, just sign up for our email newsletter. In the past we’ve offered free Fast Company subscriptions and free advance copies of Switch (via lottery). Hope you find the resources useful.

Switch is out!

Switch goes on sale today — I can’t wait to see it in a bookstore. If you’re looking for immediate gratification, you can find links to all the online retailers here. (And Amazon is selling it for the freakishly low price of $13.)

Read the first chapter of Switch

We’ve just posted the first chapter of Switch here — check it out. (And if you want a nicely-formatted PDF of the first chapter, sign up for our free resources section.)

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