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Upstream Resources

Upstream 1 Page Summary

Upstream Suggested Reading List

This is a compilation intended to stoke your curiosity. Some of these sources will...
The Power of Moments Resources

Reader Peak Moments

A collection of peak moments shared by readers.

7 Days of Memories

Decisive Resources

Six Simple Questions That Yield Better Decisions

Making Your Decisions Match Your Priorities: Dan Heath interviews Peter Bregman

Switch Resources

Switch Reading List

We took our existing Switch 1-pager and mapped the concepts to books that would...
Thumbnail image of Switch in 16 Minutes video

Switch in 16 Minutes

Made To Stick Resources

6 Tips for Giving a Great Elevator Pitch

Teaching That Sticks

A guide to designing lessons that will stick with your students.
Myth of the Garage Resources

The Myth of the Garage - Free Audio Book

A collection of the Heath Brothers’ best Fast Company columns.

The Myth of the Garage - Free eBook

A collection of the Heath Brothers’ best Fast Company columns.