Book news

When Good Chats Go Bad

Yesterday I did a 30-min online chat session for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. I didn’t imagine it would unfold this way. Good times.

The Stickiness Aptitude Test

We worked with Guy Kawasaki (and the folks at Electric Pulp) to create a “Stickiness Aptitude Test.” It’s designed for entrepreneurs who want to assess the stickiness of their message. Check it out!

Also we had an interesting Q&A with him, including some discussion of the stickiness of products. In non-Made To Stick news, there’s a great blow-by-blow analysis of Guy’s LinkedIn page by two LinkedIn insiders. They’re essentially trying to make Guy’s page stickier (though they don’t use that language). Chip and I have been talking a lot lately about how to apply stickiness principles to personal promotion, as in a job interview situation. More to come.

Today Show


Check out the video clip of us on the Today Show — Meredith Vieira was great and we even got to give a shout-out to our Mom. Good times. Bonus round: We ran into Jim Cramer in the green room and Matt Lauer in the hallway. We managed to find nothing intelligent to say to either of them. We just shook their hands in a semi-mute manner.

My hopes of meeting Al Roker, however, were dashed. Next time, Al, you will not escape me.

The Release

Our book went on sale today! I am looking forward to seeing it in an actual bookstore. I think it will be hard to resist hugging someone at the counter or otherwise.

It is probably not a good idea to do that in NYC, now that I think about it.

As if that weren’t enough exciting news for one day, Amazon is also offering a special promotion, which gives you a special rate if you choose to buy our book along with a book called Waking Up On The Toilet. I don’t know quite how to feel about that.

It is true that we open our book with the “kidney thieves” urban legend, in which a guy wakes up in an ice-filled bathtub sans kidneys. So maybe Amazon has sniffed out a “waking up in a weird place” theme that links the two books. In fact, maybe there is a whole segment of readers that enjoys a book precisely for its ability to identify new, weird places to wake up. I hope it’s a very populous segment.

And someone please get to work on the book Waking Up In The Trunk of Kurt Rambis’s Car. We’ll work out a bundling deal.