The Birth of a Sticky Idea

Our latest Fast Company column was sparked by a provocative public health ad:

pouring on the pounds

In the piece, we wonder whether sugary sodas will be the next cigarettes…

Switch tour stops: Houston and Durham

Come see Chip tomorrow (3/17) in Houston or Dan next week (3/30) in Durham.

Both are free and open to the public.

$20 donation for a free book — promotion ends soon

So far, we’ve had 322 people donate over $7,500 to Teach For America through our promotion. Thanks to everyone who has donated! You’ll all be receiving a free Switch book soon.

There are 3 days left to get your donation in — the promotion ends at 5pm Eastern on Tuesday. Give $20 or more to Teach For America and get your free copy of Switch!

[Update: The promotion has now ended. We finished with 344 donations for $8,080! Thanks to all of you!]

4 Switch tour stops this week

This week we have Switch tour events in four different cities. Chip will be in:

– Los Angeles on Wednesday Mar 10; and

– San Diego on Thursday Mar 11.

Meanwhile, I’ll be in:

– Atlanta on Wednesday Mar 10; and

– Chicago on Thursday Mar 11.

All the events are FREE. We’ll give a talk on “How to Change Things When Change Is Hard” and then hang around to talk or sign books. Hope to see you there!

The Art of Choosing

If you’ve ever read research about “choice paralysis” you’ve probably been reading about the work of Sheena Iyengar (we talk about her speed dating and 401k studies in Switch).  She has a beautiful new book out about her work and the broader cultural consequences of choosing.  You’ll learn that not every culture venerates choice like Americans, and her insights will be useful to you if you work in a global organization, deal with global consumers, or just want to see the world through keener eyes. Check it out: