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Bonus #1

First access to The Power of Moments resources

Including the 1-page “Defining Moments Model,” and a potentially life-changing piece called “7 Days of Memories,” which guides you through a quest to create a defining moment every day for a week. If you need a “pick-me-up” in life, do not miss this article.

Bonus #2

The world’s first Mad Lib-inspired certificate of gratitude.

Deliver a moment of recognition for someone at work by filling in the blanks on this tongue-in-cheek Official Certificate of Meritorious Awesomeness.

Bonus #3

“The Moment My Life Changed.”

We curated 26 stories of searing moments that propelled people in new directions. A romantic moment in the jungle. A relationship that broke up over dining room furniture. A career change inspired by Toaster Strudel. A shocking, moving, and inspiring collection.

Bonus #4

Visual Moments.

You can find great animated GIFs for birthdays and graduations and such—but what about workplace moments? Be the hippest person in your office with this wild and hilarious collection of GIFs, created by the brilliant artist Justin Gammon (our cover designer!). Like Hallmark cards for the Millennial generation.

Right click on the gif you want to save it

Note: The audio file is digital download (not a cassette tape)

Bonus #5

The “Wait, You Wrote a Book with Your Brother??” recording.

Our first-ever recorded conversation about how we do what we do. We’ll share how we came to write books together. (It starts with an unexpected phone call.) And we’ll take you behind the scenes to explain how covers are chosen in the book world. (We had to fight HARD for a duct-tape cover.) And we’ll even tell you about the one time our mom had to intervene between us…

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