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Suggested title for the sequel to Freakonomics:


Dubner & Levitt, it’s yours for the price of an autographed copy. And a shout-out to Rick James in the Acknowledgments.

Why don’t we know more about Iraq?

The fifth and final post over at Powell’s — if you can only read one post from the week, read this one. I’d love to get some communal thinking going on this issue. If you have thoughts, please email me or post a comment.

What do you do when the rat isn’t gross enough anymore?

Today’s post on Powell’s asks the question that’s been on the lips of so many people, for so long: What do you do when your giant inflatable rat just doesn’t inspire the same feelings of revulsion that it used to?

Wednesday at Powell’s

Our guest-blog post over at Powell’s books today asks the question: Can a billboard be too scary?

We also discuss sticky & non-sticky terror-preparation tips. Hope you enjoy.

Are cats left-pawed or right-pawed?

The answer to this question, and more, at the Powell’s site where we’re guest-blogging this week.

I was pleased to be able to include this sentence in today’s entry: “A study on toads found the creatures mostly used their right legs when removing a plastic balloon that researchers had wrapped around their heads.”