Over the years, I have received approximately 200 direct mail solicitations to sign up for the American Airlines & Citibank credit card. (Guesstimate: 1 every 2-3 weeks for 10 years) Maybe you’re on the “spray & pray” list, too.

For a long time, I was irritated by the wastefulness of this marketing, but recently I have come to appreciate the sheer mindless persistence of it. And now I’m curious: Is there, in fact, data that supports continued marketing to a customer who has rejected your first 173 entreaties? Do AA/Citi routinely get signups from people on the 403rd direct mailer? If so, I’d genuinely love to hear about it — so if you know someone who knows someone who could answer that question, have ’em email me at dan@heathbrothers.com.

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