I’m proud to announce that there’s a new edition of Made to Stick on the shelves, with 30+ pages of new material. (And I’m embarrassed to announce that it hit the shelves like 2 weeks ago and I just kept forgetting to plug it.)

We’ve added a new chapter called “Sticky Advice,” which includes 3 new pieces: “How to Unstick a Sticky Idea,” “Teaching that Sticks,” and “Talking Strategy” (the latter being advice for managers who need to ideas stick about strategy and vision).

Forewarning: The cover of the new edition is only subtly different from the old one — we didn’t want a big lemon-yellow “new & improved” starburst or anything — so, if you’re looking for the new edition, keep an eye out for a white line of text at the bottom of the cover that mentions the new material (“now even stickier!”).

Barnes & Noble has the new edition for 20% off in-store and online, and Amazon has it for its usual 34% off. You know, the book makes a lovely Christmas gift. Also Hanukkah. And frankly it’s never too early to get a head start on gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Arbor Day, or Wednesday.

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