Chip and I were thrilled to work with the AHA on their new campaign promoting “Hands-only CPR.” (Our role was limited: We led a workshop early in the process as the AHA team contemplated how to talk about the new technique. But we had nothing to do with the ingenious commercials that Jerry Potts and his team have created.)

So here’s the simple idea: You can save a life just by pumping on someone’s chest. Mouth-to-mouth isn’t necessary. So if an adult collapses, call 911 and pump hard and fast on their chest until help arrives. (In a wonderful karmic coincidence, the correct pumping rhythm is about the same as the beat to the song “Stayin’ Alive.”)

The best sign that this idea has stuck is that SNL has already parodied it.

Add’l info: Our recent Fast Company column, which links the AHA campaign to some more general thoughts on how to explain new innovations.

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