Made to Stick has received some honors recently, and it is high time we said thank you.

  • Made to Stick was named Best Business Book of 2007 by The 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards. (We also won the award for best Advertising/Marketing book.) This one has special meaning for us because we know and like and respect the people at 800-CEO-READ. Thank you!
  • Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper named MTS #1 on its Top 10 Business Books list for 2007. Thank you to Harvey Schachter for the honor!
  • The Amazon editors picked the book #2 of the Top 10 Business titles of the year.
  • MTS was one of the Top 100 Customer Favorites of 2007 on Amazon. We were #26, which put us behind The Reagan Diaries and ahead of O.J.’s If I Did It. That seems about right.

We are grateful for the awards. Thanks everyone.

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