Check out this very clever campaign for Wyoming’s libraries. (One bumper sticker offers a more literate twist on a classic: “You can have my book when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.”) And the mudflap girl is a must-see (and, while it would be stretching it to call her a must-buy, she is indeed for sale).

Mudflap book-girl is a good example of “idea judo,” which we discussed in a recent Fast Company column. A classic example of idea judo: Adbusters’ brilliant “Absolut Impotence” ad, in which the Absolut bottle is shown in a flaccid state. The hope of Adbusters is that, each time you are exposed to an Absolut ad, you can’t help remembering the limp-bottle ad, thus turning Absolut’s own marketing expenditures against it.

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