So I’m looking for some advice on an absurd situation that I have blundered myself into. Here’s the backstory: I was looking for some kind of fun giveaway related to the book. I had the profound insight that maybe the giveaway should relate to stickiness. So I Googled all manner of variations on “sticky,” which yielded some interesting findings that shall not be repeated here, but ultimately I found something that sounded cool: handmade candy from Sticky, an Australian company. Not only is their name “Sticky,” they can actually create custom orange “lollies” with the words “Made To Stick” on them! Are you kidding me? So this seemed a no-brainer solution.

Cue up mistake #1. Moderation has never been my strong point, so I ordered $619 of custom candy. The candy would be divided up into neat little glass jars. 4-6 weeks later, the box arrives! And it is filled with many neat little glass jars — that have been shattered to smithereens, along with the candy inside! The box was packed with all the care that your teenage grocery store clerk uses to bag your groceries. So imagine if your groceries had to cross an ocean. The net effect was more shrapnel-rific than sticky.

I emailed the company, along with a couple of choice photos, and a very nice woman apologized for the situation and agreed that a refund was in order. That was on May 10. Since then, this nice women has gone AWOL.

Any advice? Is there a Better Business Bureau equivalent of Australia? Etc. And I hope the moral of this story is clear for the children: Always opt for custom duct-tape over custom Australian candy…


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