I’€™m very excited to announce that our book has been selected for the MarketingProfs Book Club! This will be a great chance to discuss the ideas in the book and talk shop about making ideas stick. Why is Jared so damn sticky? What are some of the worst SuperBowl ads in recent memory? How did Hamburger Helper’s brand manager get her team to build more empathy with the product’€™s core customers? We will dive into questions like these, as well as non-marketing sticky ideas (e.g., Why do some of Aesop’€™s fables stick better than others?). Should be good fun.

I’d encourage anyone who likes the book to join in the fray. And if you haven’€™t read the book, maybe you can get a free one: we’€™re giving away 50 signed copies for free to kick off the club. (But move fast — to be eligible for a free book, you’ve got to sign up by Friday at 5pm PST). All the details are right here, including a very cool ‘€œbonus’€ available to anyone who signs up. See you in the Book Club! (And a huge thanks to CK and Cam for making this possible.)


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